• Ron has developed a strong interest in myokinematic, biomechanical, occlusal and visual influences on postural and peripheral adaptation patterns. Over 35 years of clinical experience assists him with direct patient interventions based on specific examination and evaluation data that best reflects neuromechanical stability, trunk symmetry and respiratory balance. More...

  • Postural Restoration® motivates me to be an “outside the box” physical therapist. Unresolved chronic pain often times is a result of unaddressed problems unrelated to the present symptoms that an individual is experiencing. Postural Restoration® is a multidisciplinary approach that allows me to attend to the patient’s needs and obtain desirable outcomes. Let me address your issues from a new perspective!

  • Postural Restoration®, the unique and integrative approach that is practiced at our clinic, is the only thing that helped my running injuries. Ten years ago doctors told me I would never run again and I am still running today.

  • One of the things that I think is great about working at the Hruska Clinic™ is that we don’t treat patients with a generic protocol for their pain. We perform an evaluation, determine what the contributing factors are for your problem based on objective data, and develop a custom program for YOU. Some of my greatest moments as a physical therapist at the Hruska Clinic™, are when people come in that been “everywhere” to try and get better, and they respond by saying something like, “Finally, I have a reason for why I hurt”. This is especially rewarding when a patient tells me that their family, friends, (and believe it or not, their doctors) have been telling them the problem is just in their head.

  • From the mountains of Colorado to the tundra of North Dakota, my journey to Lincoln, NE and the Hruska Clinic™ has been nothing but an adventure. All in search of the elusive answer to the question, ‘why’? The science of Postural Restoration® that we use here at the Hruska Clinic™ is the only thing I’ve found professionally to answer that question.