• 45 years of experience with dental integration finally came together for Ron. Read about our experience here.

  • Earlier this January we were blessed to host 2 gentlemen from Japan; Koichi YAMADA and Akira YOSHIMOTO; who came to Lincoln to see how our staff utilizes the science of Postural Restoration(R) in a clinical setting. They spent a day mentoring with us in the clinic as well as some time with the staff at PRI. Here is their testimonial in their best of English as well as some fun pictures from their time. Little do they know that we learned as much from them as we hope to have shared with them. We hope to continue to grow these types of relationships with passionate dedicated professionals wherever they are!

  • After giving out a bunch of balloons this week we felt revisiting this great video from Dave would be beneficial. Keep breathing!

  • New PRIME Patient Care Coordinator

    The Hruska Clinic is proud to be announcing the addition of Megan King to our staff as our dedicated PRIME Patient Care Coordinator. To learn more about Megan and our PRIME program click HERE.

  • Read an blog on our PRIME website from Torin outlining the difference between clarity and perspective and what that means for us as humans who want to move. I good general perspective on why we may have or struggle with issues that don't get better.

  • Read the last part of the PRIME Case study outlining a return trip (Episode III) to Lincoln from our patient after spending several months working with a local PT (Episode II). Read what progress was made and how adjustments in the program needed to be made as layers of patterned activity were peeled back. This return adjustment is often the most powerful in fully getting to the point of disengaging form a PT program.

  • We are pleased to have University of Rhode Island PT student Karl Busch here in the clinic doing a clinical internship. Here is a guest blog from him outlining something he's noticed in his first few weeks in the clinic. Here he talks about "Keeping Things Simple". Enjoy.

  • Read the first part in a case study series outlining how our PRIME program works, and works best when integration happens here in Lincoln and with those not in Lincoln.