Community Outreach

Mission & History

Our staff has given many talks and inservices throughout the Lincoln community, and even across the country. These educational opportunities are a great way for us to show how the Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI) approach can be geared toward your group’s special interests & needs. We welcome the opportunity to provide athletic screenings using PRI concepts and techniques.  If your sport club, high school or college team would like to find out more about this service, please contact us!

Listed below are some of the topics we’ve previously presented and the group each was presented to. Should you have an idea for a talk or inservice that is not listed, we would be happy to talk to you and discuss how we can apply PRI science to your specific needs and circumstances.

Improving the Functional Strategy of the Volleyball Athlete
NE Volleyball Coaches Clinic

Biomechanical Influences on Function & Symmetry
Prairie Life Club – Personal Trainers

Striving for Swimmer Symmetry
Heartland Aquatics Swim Club

Postural Restoration®
Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers’ Society

Developing the Functional Athlete
York High School Wrestlers

Golfing With Your Body

Enhancing Functional Performance of the Developing Athlete
Superior High School             

Postural Restoration® Techniques to Reduce Shoulder Instability & Tendonitis
AVCA – Volleyball Final Four

The Squawk on the Back Row Squat
AVCA – Volleyball Final Four

A Setter’s Balanced Attack Requires a Balanced Back
AVCA – Volleyball Final Four

Improving the Functional Strategy of the Volleyball Athlete 
AVCA – Volleyball Final Four

Myokinematic Restoration
University of Minnesota Volleyball

Functional Fitness & Nutrition for Distance Running
Lincoln & community

Postural Restoration® Recommendations for the Office
Bailey Laureman Marketing Company

Respiratory Influences on Orthopedic Function
St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center Orthopedic Education Program

Biomechanical Influences for the Runner
Lincoln & community

Postural Influences on the Upper Quarter
Lincoln Dental Association; NE Wesleyan Athletic Training Club

Temporo Mandibular Disorder and Cranio-Cerical-Thoracic Malalignment
Lincoln area Orthodontists

Striving for Symmetry
Gage County Medical Clinic; Complete Children’s Health Pediatric Group

Synchronized Breathing & Postural Influences on Voice Control
Voice Conference, St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center

Postural Influences on Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction
Omaha Dental Hygienist Association

Creating Functional Athletes
NE Juniors Volleyball - Pius X High School

Elon University PT Students

Integration of PRI and Neuro-Optometrics
Dr. James Nedrow and Staff

Postural Restoration® – Considerations for the Dental Hygienist
Dental Hygienist Student Association

Postural Restoration® Symposium: Lumbo Pelvic Femoral Considerations
University of NE – Omaha School of Health