Success Stories

Susan Larson Rodenburg

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I had a great experience with you at the Hruska Clinic yesterday. First, they got me in the same day I called (due to cancellations and weather). Then you did such a wonderful job explaining my alignment issues and the exercises. I felt better even last night and it continues today. I completed my spin class this morning with absolutely NO knee pain. My left hamstring is waking up!!

I was so worried I might need surgery and be unable to train for (or even ride in) our 29th Tour de Nebraska. With your help, I’m confident, relieved and pain free.

I will highly recommend you and the Hruska Clinic to any of my friends needing PT evaluation or services.

Thank you so much!


Debbie Burns

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for Jason and the Hruska Clinic.  Finally, someone understands what has happened to my body.  They are truly an answer to prayer!  Four years ago I was a runner/biker/weight lifter when my life was turned upside down—I complained of knee pain and I was diagnosed with a labral tear in my left hip.  When the doctor offered to “show” me where the tear was during an exam, he did something to my sacroiliac joint and I began a life altering cycle of pain and dysfunction.  Some doctors said it was my hip, others said it was my back.  I finally had arthroscopic surgery on my hip, but despite a successful surgery, I continued to have terrible back/hip pain.  I was the most dedicated physical therapy patient you can imagine, but my pain only worsened and migrated to my shoulders, neck and back.  Now I had myofascial pain—knots all over my body.  This all happened “while” I was in physical therapy for 4 years—2 days a week with 9 different therapists! 

It was obvious that something was missing.  My physiatrist and pain management doctors wanted to give me medications like Lyrica, Cymbalta, Tramadol, Hydro-codone, Cyclobenzene, Tizanidine, Voltaren, FlectorPatch and more.  I tried them for awhile but these drugs only masked the pain and continued put me in a downward cycle—and I believe helped further alter my breathing pattern.  The doctors even made me think it was all in my head—but I knew it wasn’t.  By the grace of God, I found Hruska Clinic.  It is now so obvious that despite 4 years of physical therapy, significant stabilizing muscles in my body were simply not working—my strong muscles continued to overcompensate for the weak.  I know I still have a long way to go, but I have had more relief in 2 months than I have had in 4 years.  My hips and back are almost pain free!  The knots around my neck and shoulders are gone!  I am so hopeful for the future!  Thank you Jason, Ron Hruska and the kind staff at Hruska Clinic.  I really appreciate how Jason thoroughly explains the “what and whys” of the things they do!  You are amazing!  You have given me my life back and I am so grateful!

Debbie Burns
Dallas, Texas
May 7, 2013

Gina Simanek

My injuries began almost 21 years ago when I was severely assaulted and obtained a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). The obstacle I faced is that with a TBI, the injuries that an individual incurs may not physically present themselves until years later. I had been running marathons since 1995 and continued to incur much physical pain that some professionals as well as myself thought were due to overuse injuries. As a typical runner, I also avoided seeking professional help for a long time since I did not want someone to tell me that I can no longer run. The pain finally became so difficult to overcome that I went to an orthopedic doctor who then referred me to Hruska Clinic for what we had believed to be piriformis syndrome which is a typical running injury. Ron and his team of professionals found the root of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms, which was due to a level of left-sided neglect, anterior visual mid-line shift, and perceptual issues where the brain does not perceive several crucial muscles that I need to physically move/walk/run and other muscles incorrectly take over the functioning. In short, these injuries were all due to the TBI. Some of the issues I was experiencing before seeing Ron were the following as well as Ron’s explanation as to why this was going on:

  1. While running in the early mornings as well as walking anywhere, I found myself literally running into other runners/people/objects quite frequently as well as having a very poor posture. What I was experiencing was called a anterior visual mid-line shift where my ‘center of vision’ had shifted to my chest area and I also lacked peripheral vision. I could see peripherally, but my vision was very narrow and focused and the brain was not perceiving the outside world-only what was directly in front of me, thus I ran into people/objects often which becomes quite embarrassing!!   [smile]
  2. The right side of my body, especially the hip area, was constantly getting injured/reinjured. Whether I had completed a short 7 mile run or a long 24 mile training run, my right side was exhausted and my left side did not even feel tired. What I experienced was a level of left sided unilateral neglect where the right side of the brain did not perceive the left side of the body fully. Although the left side moved perfectly fine, the muscles really were not firing but were only moving from muscle memory.
  3. While working with Ron, he had also sent me to orthotic and vision specialists to take care of my foot and vision problems. The treatment for these types of issues are not easily explainable since the brain is so complex, but Ron has made the issues that I have struggled with for so many years understandable and I am able to pass my experience on to so many others.
  4. I was not able to comprehend or read successfully due to the anterior midline visual shift because my eyes did not track successfully down the page but continued going back up to the previous line which I did not notice since the initial trauma because you get used to it. Once I was given prisms, this successfully corrected the visual shift and I am reading faster and easier since.
  5. Hamstrings always tight and pulled frequently, glutes-never felt them, always being diagnosed with tendonitis across the body, and never knew where the origin of my pain began. This was due to the brain not perceiving the glute muscles which allowed the hamstrings and ischial seat muscles to take over and the abdominal, quadriceps and adductors to not function (weaker) as they should. Continue to work on strengthening the abs, quads and adductors which is not an easy issue since the functioning tends to always go back to the hamstrings and ischial seat. Changing brain patterns is not an easy task especially when you have been running marathons for years, the neural firing has a very strong set brain pattern.
  6. More of Ron’s findings were: my head directs my body, my feet-especially the left foot were in constant pain, and the left eye vision affects how my body moves with right side dominance. Some of this is corrected by getting orthotics in my shoes to correct my multiple foot problems which were incurred from the entire body moving incorrectly for 17 years especially with all the running. I have had to have many changes with orthotics to find something that worked effectively for the most part, but since the ankles are never in a simple pattern as most people, one pair of orthotics will never be the cure, but we have found what works well. Regarding the way the body moves, I now am working on perceptual issues, or becoming more aware of my body as I move in space as well as wearing a lens in the left eye that has a subtle less lens prescription (vision integration) over my contacts that allows the tight and more flaccid muscles throughout the body to become “neutral”. I only wear these glasses when my body is in motion and we are hoping that the brain will be able to change and do it on its own someday, but if not, I will simply continue to wear the glasses.

I cannot ever give Ron and his team of professionals as well as staff enough credit for all they have done and taught me through the last few years. Ron and the clinic have so much respect for their patients, they continue to teach and have a passion in helping whomever comes to their clinic to maintain hope for a better and brighter future ahead via consulting/learning and researching potential possibilities for treatment with their PRI and Vision Integration methods and tailoring notes or whatever the patient needs to learn best. Ron also exhibits his love of learning and what they do at the clinic to create an atmosphere that is very positive, enriching and exciting for everyone. The Hruska clinic will always be an extended family for me as I know they are for all who come there!!:) Thanks Ron….best wishes to you and your clinic. I know you will continue to excel in all you do.


Brad, Pastor

Lori, I am very impressed with your very logical and meticulous methods of diagnosis. By process of elimination you eventually found the root cause of the joint pain and physical challenge I was experiencing. I can’t help but think of the many professionals who have treated me within their particular discipline by drugs, adjustment, massage, foot inserts, eyeglass prescriptions, special workouts, and on and on. I’m sure I have probably left a couple disciplines out! The point is that each professional did a traditional approach to me and solved nothing. They were treating symptoms. I am actually amazed when I think about how comprehensive your approach has been and how well it is working out. I feel like you and your clinic are the best team in town to handle physical therapy by far. Not because you have different exercises so much as you don’t have people do exercises to relieve symptoms, you have people do exercises to identify and if possible cure the problem, and if it doesn’t work you move on to another theory. That is where you separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. Your team approach and dogged pursuit of the root cause are amazing.  In the past I have felt I was to blame for not responding to certain medical procedures in the past, all the while the root cause was literally right in front of my nose.
Thank you for giving me your full attention and consideration as a patient. Thanks to your relentless search it has resulted in a major breakthrough. I’m so relieved! 
If I were independently rich, I would gladly spend hours and hours learning your comprehensive approach just because I like to learn and I love truth.
I promise I will pray for you, your team, and your influence on your profession.
I would be honored if you use this letter as a reference.

Brad Brestel
Lincoln Berean

Ellen, a swimmer

My daughter, Ellen, is a swimmer. She developed severe pain in both shoulders due to over-rotation—because her ligaments were too lax to keep the joint in place. After a year of therapy with a swimming PT, she had some relief, but not enough to continue to train. We were referred to the Hruska Clinic and started therapy with Jen Gloystein.  Hruska was our last-ditch effort to keep Ellen swimming.  We were prepared to discontinue swimming and squash her dreams of high school and college swimming. Jen was patient and persevered. She proved that the additional abdominal and core training would keep Ellen’s shoulders and hips in the correct position to allow her to rotate without pain. And it was true! After one session, Ellen could already lift her arms above her head without pain. This therapy was the last piece of the puzzle to get Ellen back in the water. She gladly blows up balloons on deck of the pool and continues her other exercises, because she is back to training and has high hopes of returning to her previous competitive level. My only regret is that we didn’t come here first! Jen and the Hruska team have kept a teenage girl’s dream alive and given her hope again. Thank you!


Margaret, October 2011


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and tell you how much your care has helped me to get 
back into life.

    As you know I had a total knee replacement in Nov. ‘10 and although the surgery itself went very well, the recuperation/PT did not.  

    The care I received at Hruska was the turning point, for me, with my knee.  After 12 wk’s of traditional Physical Therapy the flexion and extension of my knee was severely limited, not to mention the excruciating pain that I experienced especially during my therapy.  As you know, I had my surgery in New York, for reasons that I had no control over.  After the insurance company ended payment for the therapy sessions my knee had very limited range of motion, it hampered my walking, sitting, sleeping and limited my ability to do simple things, like cooking, cleaning, watching television etc.  Just prior to my return to Nebraska, my daughter, who works for a law enforcement agency in Virginia, called me to ask me if I had ever heard of the Hruska Clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska, I said no.  I inquired, as to why she was interested.  She said that two of her colleagues, who had had severe injuries and had gone through the traditional Physical Therapy but were still severely limited.  On the recommendation of friends they travelled to Lincoln Nebraska and went through a three month program at Hruska Clinic.  They left to go back to Virginia, feeling as good as new and able to return to work and full duty.
After the return of the first the second individual decided to go to Lincoln too.  They too participated in the program and returned able to return to work.  After hearing these two stories I decided to see what Hruska was all about.  

    I looked up Hruska Clinic on the internet and read their webpage.  It sounded very different but after all the traditional physical therapy I had had and I was still so limited I decided that when I returned to Nebraska I was going to schedule a consult.  

    It was amazing the progress that I have made since starting with Hruska Clinic.  The excruciating pain that I had been experiencing slowly but surely has gotten better.  The extension in my knee is full now and the flexion has improved immensely.  When I returned to the Orthopedic physician, he was totally shocked by the amount of improvement that I had made.  He sincerely could not believe it.  He asked me what the difference was.  I told him about the Hruska Clinic and their approach to physical therapy and he was very supportive and told me to continue.  He also mentioned he wished that there was a clinic like that in his area.

    As I mentioned the extension and flexion of my knee were severely limited along with my walking with a limp and being in pain constantly.  The exercises that I learned at Hruska have helped to decrease the pain to a more bearable level.  I no longer walk with a limp.  I have full extension and the flexion of the knee has greatly improved.  I can actually walk my dog, which I had not done in over a year. Thereby getting some much needed exercise.  I shudder to think of how it would be if I had not sought out the care from Hruska Clinic.  

  I want to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to you, for your time, attention and helping me to improve my quality of life with your knowledgeable and compassionate guidance.

  You and the clinic are a well kept secret that needs get out!!!!


Kaitie Turner

My daughter Kaitlynne (Kaitie) was injured in a car accident and was prone to having severe pain in her lower back - pain that prevented her from functioning in daily life. Any silly movement would basically “throw” her back out and the pain would be so intense. She literally would sneeze and all the months of PT would be gone. We saw numerous back specialists, several regular chiropractors and did many procedures to find her lasting comfort and relief. None of these worked - temporary relief was gained but a simple wrong step would set her back. We took our Kaitie to Ron Hruska as honestly a last ditch effort to help regain some of her life. Through just a few visits and some hard core exercises done at home, our Kaitie was back competing in High School sports and all the great teenage girl things. Isolating muscles and working hard to regain her strength has allowed Kaitie to do everything her heart desires. We are just so thankful to Ron and his staff for their care, their concern and their knowledge. Literally we walked in and Ron said, when did you break your foot?——-not when was the car accident that you broke a vertabrae but when did you break your foot….wow just blew my mind—-we had forgotten about that injury years ago and who knew that it could be impeding her healing all these years later. Thank you can never be enough for the time you spent on our little girl- her smile is so rewarding to us and anyone around her. You truly work miracles and we are forever grateful for your ability to restore her life to her. The ability to touch your toes—who knew that it would mean so much and be so attainable with some concentrated stretches. Kaitie committed to your workout and strived to return to her life and with your guidance she has done just that…thank you will never be enough. Traci and Brian Turner and our Kaitie

Steve Friesen - Professional Golfer, PGA Nationwide Tour

Well, my history with Ron Hruska dates back to the year 2000.  One day out of the blue, my lower left back hurt.  By two weeks later, I could not even swing a club due to severe pain.  I was referred to Ron Hruska by a local golf pro.  I quickly made progress, but as I now know, I did not fully rehabilitate what I needed to.  Over the years, I have managed the pain and dysfunction through “conventional” stretching.  But yet I was constantly tight!!  Something was wrong.  So with nowhere to turn, I came back to see Ron this winter.  This time we clicked.  
I KNOW I am on the right path to be being both healthier and a better golfer, and that is everything in terms of committing to do the work.  The beauty of his exercises is that when strengthening a weak muscle, he puts you in a position that does not allow you to “cheat”.  You are forced to use the weak muscle to do the exercise.  Thru specific exercises, Ron taught me to breathe correctly from my diaphragm.  What was most difficult for me to grasp but what has been THE most important factor towards my healing, is correct, deep breathing from the diaphragm while doing his exercises.  I am 100% confident in Ron.  If I can help encourage someone with pain or muscle tightness to seek his help and become healthy, that would be a great thing.

Hannah Wampler and Her Dad, David


I love Jen.  She’s an amazing woman to work with, she’s patient, understanding, and knows what she is doing.  Before I went to Hruska Clinic and met Jen, I went to a different physical therapy group which did not specialize in sports injuries.  Jen welcomed me right away and since she’s experienced and has worked with other athletes like me, she understood what I was going through and the stretches I needed to work on to become stronger.  Not only did Jen and I build a relationship inside the enclosed walls of Hruska but also outside. I am 16 years old and play high school and club soccer. Jen came to 2 of my high school soccer games to see my progress.  When I first pulled my groin, I thought my injury would stick with me forever.  Then I was told about Hruska and Jen and I progressed and I got stronger in no time.  We have a great friendship that she even sent me a birthday card and sent me a congratulations, way to work after the high school season card.  I feel so lucky to have been able to have met Jen and I’m sure that we’ll be working on me getting stronger and stronger in the future.


After six to eight months of physical therapy with zero results my wife and I were told about Hruska physical therapy by another soccer Mom. My wife and I thought that my 15 year old daughter was going to either have to quit playing soccer or ignore the pain. After the first session with Jen, my daughter seemed to be not having as much pain, with in a few days she was pain free, and has not had any pain since. Jen was able to give my daughter exercises to do that would strengthen the muscles she used playing soccer.  Hruska Clinic physical therapy has allowed my daughter to play soccer again at the highest level pain free. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate Jen and Hruska physical therapy.

Jeff K., Kansas City

Wow and Thanks! That is what first comes to mind about today.  Wow, because it was so “simple” yet the time with you has the ability to change my life!!  Seriously!!  I was getting worried that this was going to be an issue for the rest of my life and now I have an opportunity to do something about it!  I practiced touching my arch every time I walked and did the exercises you taught me.  Even the simple task of sitting in the car and strengthening my leg took a change in my thought process, but it is working.  As I write this tonight, I can already tell a difference in my hip.  Amazing!!  And thanks, because of your generosity of time and sharing of your knowledge and expertise.  I am so impressed!!

Ann Ringlein - Manager, Lincoln Running Company

Under all the hats I wear….. running store manager, coach, marathon class instructor and runner myself ….. I find the Hruska Clinic is the perfect fit in the circle of staying healthy as a runner. There is so much more to running than just the act of running. In fact that is the easy part – the running. So many times runners forget about all the little things that keep you healthy and then the problems arise. I know right away, when talking to various injured runners, to refer them to The Hruska Clinic. I want the runners I work with to run forever and I feel that is where The Hruska Clinic comes in. The therapists there don’t just put a “bandage” on the problem and send you off, they fix the problem and send you home with exercises you can do and should do forever! They understand runners and the urgency sometimes felt by this type of athlete and deal with them accordingly. 

If you are a runner and have experienced chronic injuries I strongly recommend The Hruska Clinic to get you on the road to running healthy forever!

Diane Mendenhall - Executive Director, Nebraska Alumni Association

Ron’s thorough understanding of the body never ceases to amaze me or the many people I’ve referred to his clinic. Whether it be a violin instructor, homemaker, CEO, little leaguer, All-American or Olympian, after the first visit I always seem to get the same response: “he is Magic.” Ron restores hope in his clients with his brilliant approach through Postural Restoration. Every person I’ve sent to Ron has been able to compete again and live pain free without surgery.

Personally Ron has treated my daughter who was a high school three sport athlete and now a college athlete. He has both helped her avoid potential injury and recover from periodic injury; ultimately raising her level of performance. (Nine time state track medalist and state volleyball champion). Ron’s understanding of the mechanics of the human body is world renowned. What sets Ron apart is not only his genius mentality but his ability to convey to his patients a thorough understanding of their treatment plan allowing them to embrace and understand the “why” of their prescribed postural restoration program. 

I truly believe there is not one person that would not benefit from Ron’s cutting edge approach. Whether they are dealing with an injury, have some aches and pains or feel they are biomechanically sound; Ron can take them to that next level.  He helped me through postural restoration and improved my golf game along the way!

Karla Curran - Coach, Wahoo Cross Country

I cannot say enough about the quality of care and personal attention you receive when you visit Hruska Clinic.  From the moment you walk through the door, you are treated professionally.  Both my son and daughter are receiving treatment through Hruska Clinic; my son due to a catastrophic hip fracture, and my daughter because of significant muscular imbalances.  I am happy to report that they are both doing very well competing in cross country this fall.  We have been to other physical therapists, but without a doubt, Hruska Clinic is by far the best.  They don’t just treat the problem, they determine why it happened in the first place, and through specific strengthening exercises, correct it. 

I trust Hruska Clinic’s judgment completely, that is why I have recently begun treatment at the Clinic, and have recommended them to several of my athletes.  As a coach, I can rest assured that my athletes will be taken care of, and back on the course in no time.  Thank you, Lori, and all the crew at Hruska Clinic.  You are truly a blessing!


I had seen numerous doctors and physical therapists and had gone through countless tests in an effort to find the source of my lower back pain with no success.  It was to the point that I could hardly function – driving 30 minutes to work was becoming nearly impossible, and my quality of life was extremely diminished.

I can’t begin to find the words to thank Ron Hruska for everything he has done for me.  He literally gave me back my life.  He was the one and only person that even offered me the slightest bit of hope.  I knew from the first time I talked to him on the phone that he was going to make a difference in my life. 

Ron Hruska has an exceptional knowledge of the human body and its physiology and biomechanics.  He cares so much about his patient’s return to health.  I have seen great results with his individualized Postural Restoration approach to patient care.  The excruciating lower back pain I had been experiencing permanently disappeared. 

Ron Hruska is professional, kind, sensitive, intuitive, and very knowledgeable.  He is a unique physical therapist in today’s difficult work of healthcare.  It’s hard to put into words exactly what he can do for you and what a difference he can make in your life until you meet him and start following his individualized therapy exercise plan.  While all the doctors and other physical therapists I had seen seemed focused on my symptoms, Ron was able to pinpoint and address the cause of my pain.

He is an amazing physical therapist and anyone who is lucky enough to be in his care is truly blessed.  I thank God daily for bringing him into my life.  I don’t know that I could ever thank him enough for caring so much and for taking such good care of me. 

My relationship with the Hruska Clinic also includes Becky Fisher.  She has been with Ron for almost twenty years and was a wonderful asset to me – she assisted me with scheduling and making sure my appointments accommodated my travel from across the state and worked with my ever demanding work schedule.  She is an inspiration - always full of hope and enthusiasm for the work they do at the Clinic.

I can’t say enough positive about these two individuals who made such a dramatic difference in my life – I will be forever grateful.

Corey O'Shaughnessy

My daughter was 9 years old when she began experiencing pain in her right knee while playing soccer.  We did what parents typically do when their child is in pain.  For eighteen months we saw doctors and physical therapists for patellar tendonitis and Osgood-Schlattter disease.  We iced and stretched and hoped that she would be pain free again.  Finally, a friend said they had gotten wonderful results from the Hruska Clinic and we should check it out.  I went on the website and read articles about the Husker Volleyball team blowing up balloons and other exercises I’d never heard of before, but we were intrigued and a little desperate so we made an appointment and went anyway.

In the initial consultation we learned so much about our daughter and why she was experiencing knee pain.  They took time to answer our questions and educate us, and demonstrated the difference between her positions and good positions.  We left with exercises and faith that things were going to get better.  Within two weeks there was a significant reduction in her knee pain and within one month she was pain free!  Additionally, she was able to breathe so much better and her stamina improved dramatically. We continued seeing Lori until she felt Sydney was ready to continue on her own. 

Although my daughter has continued to be very active in club soccer and volleyball she has remained pain free for over two years now.  We have referred several friends to Hruska Clinic with similar results and we will always be advocates for the tremendous work they do.

Christy Peterson, PT - Valley County Health System, Ord, NE

I have utilized Postural Restoration techniques for both myself and my patients for several years.  I have practiced for 23 years and now consider this approach to be my most valuable tool for effective patient treatment.  The philosophy of decreasing unwanted muscle tone by total isolation of others offers extremely rapid results. 

Initially I had a difficult time believing an obers test could be negative following a few simple exercises, however, now that I truly understand Ron’s philosophies, I am observing this occurrence on a regular basis. 

The entire philosophy of improving diaphragm function and developing normal respiratory patterns to assist with normalized movements of the trunk is crucial.  Patients that I believe would normally be sent to a pain clinic are improving. 

I have had a personal history of headache pain and sacroiliac and scapular instability.  Normal strengthening and stability programs were not effective.  Ron assisted me with exercise and referred me to Dr. Michael Hoefs, a TMJ and cranial facial pain specialist.  He fit me with a night and day splint that seemed to be the missing link in relaxing my headache pain. I had considerable limitation in right shoulder internal rotation for 20 years that had not responded to stretching.  In 1 week my rotation was completely normal and my neck tension relieved.  This is effective therapy!  I still need to exercise and watch my position; however I can now choose to be pain free.  As for my sacroiliac dysfunction, I can now run more comfortably at 48 years old than I did 25 years ago.

The integration of systems I see performed at Hruska Clinic including respiration, vision, dental and musculoskeletal seem to create a unique opportunity for rapid tone changes, improved postural balance and subsequent pain relief.  My previous skepticism has been negated by amazed patients who are witnessing major changes in functional ability and pain reduction.

For example, I brought an extremely involved patient to see Ron after an orthopedic surgeon classified her as a symptom magnifier.  She originally had been diagnosed with a spondylisthesis and subsequently fell prone in a waterskiing accident resulting in extreme hyperextension of her low back and a black eye.  She reported tingling and pain in all four extremities as well as low back, neck and thoracic pain.  Ron questioned possible head trauma as she also had 2 other head insults previously.  After assessing that her peripheral vision was lacking on one side, he placed tape on each lens of her eye glasses to force her to focus peripherally.  Following walking 3-4 minutes, she reported immediate relaxation of her low back.  She was then able to return to the plinth to find she could lie flat comfortably – the first time in 2 years.  Ron felt her vision had kept her locked in the sagital plane.  My patient is a living example of restoration of function as we began exercises, incorporating all planes of movement with her glasses and tape in place.  She is now functioning well with minimal discomfort although we continue to see her intermittently for manual therapeutic techniques and progressive exercise. 

My son has undergone vision therapy and I certainly understand the strong correlations between vision and posture, which was reinforced by the above example.

Diagnoses that used to be very difficult to treat are now fun to tackle including hip bursitis, thoracic pain, headache pain and TMJ dysfunction.  Our clinic of PRI therapists sees low back pain for an average of 4 – 6 visits.  It only makes sense to me that we were created with a body designed to function integrally with all its systems dependent on each other.  I commend Ron for stepping out in the forefront to help us begin to understand this process.

Erin - Patient

After searching for the cause of my health problems for six months with four different doctors, it took Lori Thomsen ten minutes to figure out what was wrong with me.  Who would have thought that constant nausea, diarrhea, and stabbing pain in my abdomen would be caused by an out of alignment pelvic bone?  Although my gastroenterologist had run every test possible, I had received no answers and was incredibly frustrated.  Lori spent ten minutes actually listening to my symptoms and observing my posture.  She was able to diagnose me just by looking at me.  After a few posture tests, Lori realized that I had not been using the muscles on the left side of my body to walk, sit, stand or even ride a bike.  After three visits and completing simple exercises in my home, I was able to eat for the first time in six months.  The constant nausea and stabbing pain disappeared.  Lori worked with me to re-learn how to use the left side of my body and strengthen those muscles.  She worked with me for three months to teach me the skills I needed to maintain a balanced posture.  I have been nausea and pain free for six months now and am enjoying living my life again.  I am truly grateful for the knowledge, skills, and caring attitude found at the Hruska Clinic.  Thank you!

Randy Moore - Patient

Over twenty years of facial pain and a year of debilitating back pain left me with nowhere to turn.  I won’t take the time with limited space to describe all the various symptoms and pain I suffered from during this time frame.  I had reached a point where simple daily tasks were becoming major obstacles.  I was uncomfortable walking up and down stairs, walking a block to work, riding in a vehicle for any length of time or simply sitting in a chair.

Traditional medicine and physical therapy had attempted to treat the symptoms with no lasting success.  I was referred to a Physiatrist who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.  After a ten-minute consultation she identified my postural imbalances and referred me to the Hruska Clinic for treatment.  I was very skeptical of any further attempts to treat the pain in my back and various other symptoms I was suffering from, however, I didn’t know where else to turn.  The following Monday I went in for my appointment.

My wife drove me to my appointment with Jason Masek.  Jason called me the “poster child” for the type of patients they typically see.  He explained how many years of improper postural use of my body resulted in the strengthening of some muscles and the atrophy of other offsetting muscles.  I understood the muscle groups he was talking about but I must confess I had no idea where he was going with the therapy he began to outline.  He said we must strengthen the weak, atrophied muscles in order to regain proper balance for the rest of the muscle groups.  I expected to dive into a routine of physical therapy right there and then.  Instead he demonstrated several simple strengthening exercises and sent me home to do the work myself. 

My back pain was the first area of noticeable improvement and every other week Jason demonstrated progressively more difficult and challenging home exercises.  As each muscle group was getting stronger my posture began to improve and the many symptoms I suffered from also began to improve or disappear.  I first saw Jason in early March of 2007 and in early June he announced I would be finished with him later that month.  During my last visit he showed me some maintenance exercises and at this writing I have been doing these through January 2008.  These maintenance exercises will be a part of my weekly routine for the foreseeable future. 

My back pain is completely gone.  All the muscle groups are relating to each other much better resulting in the ability to run three miles four or five times per week.  My overall posture has improved immeasurably and I continue to experience changes for the better.

I am so thankful!  I would enthusiastically recommend Hruska Clinic and Jason Masek to anyone with muscle and skeletal issues.

Barb Drevo - Patient

After countless doctor appointments, physical therapy, and chiropractic care – which all offered temporary pain relief at best – I was referred to Hruska Clinic.  After my first session, the first thing that struck me was I could actually BREATHE better, then, I realized I didn’t hurt anymore.  I cried tears of relief!  Hruska Clinic has given me a permanent solution to my pain through one-on-one sessions with a physical therapist and simple, highly effective exercises I can do at home.  There aren’t words to describe my sincere gratitude to Dave and Hruska Clinic.

Rae Ann - Patient

I went to great therapists, doctors, and even pain management before being referred to the Hruska Clinic.  Needless to say I was pretty discouraged and worn out from chronic back pain and the frustration with frequent relapses.  I started therapy with Lori Thomsen and it has made a world of difference!  She has provided the direction, encouragement and support for me to decrease my pain, increase mobility and maintain them both.  Lori is enthusiastic and passionate about the PRI approach which instills in me the strength and desire to continue my daily exercise program.  She makes every effort to answer my questions and concerns both during and in between appointments so that I keep on track.  The PRI approach has been a major influence in my overall well-being.  I would not be where I am today without the help of Lori, the staff at the clinic and their use of the PRI principles.  I am deeply grateful for their positive influence on my life!