In Case You Missed It here is all our #MySoreSpot blogs in one spot

This spring at the Running Expo for the Lincoln Marathon we asked runners to tell us their most common sore spots as they train for long distance running. We got some good feedback and utilized the top 5 responses to create blogs that can outline how we go about assessing #WhyYouHurt, not just #WhatHurts. Our expertise in the science of Postural Restoration® gives us a methodology to more successfully treat these problems whether you are a runner or not. Here are the blogs in one place from that series. Enjoy!

1. #WhyYouHurt Overview (Lori Thomsen)

2. #MySoreSpot Number 1: Right Piriformis (Lori Thomsen)

3. #MySoreSpot Number 2: Lower Back (Caiti Daubman)

4. #MySoreSpot Number 3: Left Ankle (Torin Berge)

5. #MySoreSpot Number 4: Left Knee (Jason Masek)

6. #MySoreSpot Number 5: Left Hamstring (David Drummer)