Hruska Clinic Staff attends PRI Occlusal Cervical Restoration Course

Hruska Clinic Staff attends PRI Occlusal Cervical Restoration Course

The entire Hruska Clinic staff enjoyed a wonderful day of hearing Ron Hruska teach the first Occlusal Cervical Restoration Course this weekend following the Cervical Revolution course hosted at the Postural Restoration Institute. To be in a room with 44 people including at least 15 dentists from across the country and other practitioners from around the world to listen to Ron present 45 years of his experience on the impact of occlusion on posture was a amazing. To have a room full of different professionals who were excited and receptive to an integrative care model that Ron has been waiting years to present was a dream come true for him and for the Institute. We were proud to have our staff and several of the dental teams that we work with including Dr Rebecca Hohl and some of her staff, Dr Chris Campbell with some of her staff , and Dr Susan Christensen attend as well. The information presented highlighted the science and methods we use when integrating with our dental teams for our patients as well as the piece they play with our PRIME team for people who need dental integration as a part of their entire treatment.

A special thanks to our friends from Malasia and Japan who spent some time observing with us in the clinic before and after this weekends course.

An enormous thanks also to Dr Howie Hindin and Brad Gilden PT, DPT, CFMT, FAAOMPT, FFMT, CSCS for taking time out of their busy schedule to not only attend the course but spend some time with us talking about the importance of multidisciplinary integration and seeing how we integrate with our vision, dental and podiatric teams. Ron was giddy with excitement just having these gentlemen here on our campus!

To learn more about the Occlusal Course from PRI click here.