Insurance and Financial Policies

The Hruska Clinic currently contracts with Bluecross/Blueshield PPO, Midlands Choice , Medica and Medicare. You will be responsible for any deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance and any services not covered by your plan. We strongly encourage you to check with your insurer regarding your specific physical therapy benefits prior to your initial appointment. Should your plan include a co-pay for physical therapy, we ask that it be paid at each visit.

Some insurance plans require a prescription/referral for physical therapy from your primary doctor; contact your insurance company before your initial evaluation to see if this is a requirement of your plan. Please contact your physician before your first physical therapy appointment to help ensure receiving full insurance benefits for your services with us.

If you are covered by Medicare, you will need a prescription for physical therapy from your medical doctor. A referral from a different health professional, such as a dentist or chiropractor, will not be accepted by Medicare. Once you have received a prescription, it will expire for use in thirty days. Therefore, please schedule your first appointment within that thirty day time period.

Please contact Paige Doncillo at (402) 467-4545 if you have further questions.

Self-Pay/Out of Network

If you are Out-of-Network, or want to pay at the date of service because of a high-deductible plan or other reasons we really try to maximize your healthcare dollar.  We will discount our hourly rate (similarly to what in insurance company will do for their in-network providers) and provide you with the needed paperwork so you can submit the claim on your own and get whatever benefit you can.  We will, however require payment at the time of service for each visit.  A typical 1 hour evaluation or treatment will be discounted to $150/hr which is about a 25% discount from normal rates.  Our clinic also typically treats on a much less frequent basis than traditional PT offices (1-60 minute session with your PT every 1-2 weeks vs. 2-3x per week fro 30-45 minutes with PT or PTA or PT tech) which can ultimately be more cost-effective and beneficial, even if you are out-of network.  If you have further questions on our out-of-network policy, and exactly what that might cost in your specific case do not hesitate to contact us at 402-467-4545.

Workers Compensation/MVA

Your workers compensation carrier will be billed for your physical therapy charges. In the event these claims are denied, you will become financially responsible for all charges. In the event that you seek legal representation in the settlement of your claim, we ask that you adhere to the policies listed under “Personal Liability/Litigation”.

Please see our financial policy or contact Paige at 402-467-4545 if you were in a motor vehicle accident so we can best determine what coverage we will be able to provide for you as there can be many variables in those situations.