Our team of Physical Therapists at the Hruska Clinic™ specialize in Postural Restoration® and serve as consultants by sharing their professional advice or opinion with patients, Physical Therapists, and other health care providers.  Consultations with patients can occur at the request of the patient or their primary Physical Therapist to determine the need for physical therapy services or to evaluate services that have been provided or to provide an additional opinion to a patient about physical therapy services. Other consultation services provided by physical therapists may include working with personal trainers as well as others to implement necessary modifications in their program.

If you are a Postural Restoration Institute® trained professional and are utilizing our consultation services, please print and complete our Patient TRIAGE form below, then fax to 402-467-4580 prior to your patient’s appointment. This will provide the consulting Hruska Clinic™ PT valuable information on your patient and assist with integrating his/her plan of care.

Please contact us at 402-467-4545 to make arrangements for an on site or phone consultation.

  • Use this form if you are referring a patient to the Hruska Clinic for a general consultation.

  • Dental TRIAGE Form

    Download this form if you are referring a patient to be seen for dental consultation with the Hruska Clinic and Dr. Hohl or Dr. Campbell