Hruska Clinic Clinical Integration Mentorship Program

The Hruska Clinic™ is an outpatient clinical facility that helps to educate Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, and other Healthcare Providers in the science of Postural Restoration® in a stimulating environment un-paralleled to any other facility across the country.

Because patient care and interdisciplinary integration is our top priority, we ask that individuals who choose to come to the Hruska Clinic™ be genuinely interested in the science of Postural Restoration®. Individuals will have the opportunity to shadow the Physical Therapists from the Hruska Clinic™ during their day-to-day interactions with their patients as well as integrating with other healthcare professionals. Completing a clinical integration mentorship program can provide the Postural Restoration® practitioner the added confidence and experience in implementing Postural Restoration® concepts and techniques.  Specific daily observations may vary based on the therapists schedule.

If you are interested in shadowing for an experience at our clinic, give us a call at (402) 467-4545 or please email Jason at

Program Highlights
  • Interns gain a broader perspective on multi-interdisciplinary integration between the patient and healthcare professionals
  • Able to shadow 4-5 Postural Restoration Certified™ therapists and ascertain their clinical decision making skills related to Postural Restoration®.
Learning Objectives
  • Able to use appropriate functional nomenclature to describe all patterns related to Postural Restoration® including objective tests, functional tests and techniques.
  • Ability and proficiency in developing and progressing a plan of care employing Postural Restoration®
Written Testimonials

Navin Hettiarachchi
Ethan Grossman
Martin Higgins

Takuto Kondo and Kan Sugiyama

Thomas Dewey