The Hruska Clinic™ Physical Therapists are the Integration Team Leaders or case managers for people going through the PRIME program.  As experts in PRI Integration, their role in the PRIME program is to engage with the patient to manage all aspects of care while going through the PRIME program.  

This includes managing movement of prior health information to PRIME team members prior to the patient coming to Lincoln to maximize efficiency of the time spent while here; introducing and educating anyone going through the PRIME program in an individualized program to restore normal movement patterns once appropriate foot, visual, and/or dental  orthotics are acquired;  assisting movement of communication and information between whatever team members are needed within the PRIME program; assisting movement of education and information to whatever aspects of care can be done with other outside professionals once they leave Lincoln; and assisting movement of the patient back to Lincoln for follow-up as recommended by members of the PRIME team.  They will help to ensure that the integration of the sensory driven orthotics provided by the other team members work seamlessly together to maximize the ability of the patient to maintain system neutrality and resume normal movement patterns and to minimize pain and dysfunction.

No other program exists that so effectively integrates these aspects of function that are so commonly linked.  Without this proper integration the success of traditional non-integrated care models will be limited.  This is the only place ready to engage with you to take control of your movement through highly-skilled practitioners working together with and for each and every patient.